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Totally did not realize that I'm listed on the author index over at The Locus Index to Science Fiction. That's kind of awesome. And a nice reminder that I really need to find more time for my writing, as there's only one little wee publication listed.

And I am trying to. Amidst the school stuff, which has also yielded some fun projects lately. I have two conferences I'm presenting papers at in the next few months: "Love and Other Monsters: Fantasies of Incest in Supernatural and Slash Fan Fiction" at the 30th International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts in March, and "Real People, Real Writers, and Imagined Realities: The Oscillating Roles of Actor, Character, Author, and Fan in Real Person Fan Fiction" at the 2009 Joint Conference of the National Popular Culture and American Culture Associations in April.

Haven't really written either of those papers yet, however, so I'mma be a busy girl! It's fun busy, though. And I'm super-excited about the other papers being presented on my panels. For the Real Person Fan Fiction paper I'll be discussing the fandom surrounding the actors of the show Supernatural (do we sense a obsession theme here?), and there's someone presenting a paper called "Why We All Love to Hurt Dean Winchester: Fan Fiction as Self-Narrative Therapy." *insert fangirl flail here* I swear, that show and its fan community (of which I consider myself a part, and oooh, March also yields a fan convention in which I will see my beloved actors and fangirls!) is an academic goldmine. Fun, fun stuff.

I'm also working on course papers and beginning to think about my thesis. Incredibly stressful, but way more interesting than teaching tech writing, I can tell you that much. I'm excited about some of the ideas rolling around my head, and I hope to get down to some serious work this weekend. If I can squeeze in some time for some short story tweaking, that would be fabulous.

What are you all up to?


I finished a website that I was developing for a friend of mine. http://kennethmarkhoover.com I am really excited about it. I've written precious little. I need to do better. I am super excited to hear from you. Man you really have so much on your plate. That is awesome. Way to light up an index!

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Oooh, the site looks nice! We can both write more, I just know it! (Says the girl who has a 500 page book to read for class this weekend and has been goofing off playing the Sims instead...)
Hello! I hope this isn't creepy, but you responded to my jewelry post in UF students (other journal: velvetseahorse)--which led me to snoop around and realize that we seem to have some similar dorky interests.

Is it ok to add you?
Not creepy at all! We do have quite a bit in common, it looks like - even some of the same comms..

And obviously we both appreciate fine jewelry ;)

I don't really post on here much, but I'm hoping to change that. Eh, we'll see. School sucks the life out of me..

And, I added you!
I didn't even notice the community overlap--postqueer, darkvictoria, and academicsanon--wow!

I added you back. Welcome to my world of PhD-complaining and coveting shiny Victorian things :]
Crazy, right? Not that I post in any of them..

Likewise, welcome to my world of MA-complaining and coveting all things speculative and fantastic and sparkly ;)