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tree eating girl

Welcome to the Goblin Market.

The whisk-tail'd merchant bade her taste
In tones as smooth as honey,
The cat-faced purr'd,
The rat-faced spoke a word
Of welcome, and the snail-paced even was heard;
One parrot-voiced and jolly
Cried "Pretty Goblin" still for "Pretty Polly;" -
One whistled like a bird.


You've landed in the Goblin Market, a little space on the web for the writings, musings, and mad ramblings of a Victorian studies grad student and speculative fiction writer. I'm not sure how interesting this will be to anyone other than me, but I'll try to keep you updated with what's going on with my writing and academic projects, for those of you who are here for that sort of thing.

You can probably expect a few personal tidbits now and again, silly online quizzes and surveys born out of boredom (or more likely, procrastination!), some snippets of works in progress, and raves about whatever book/film/show/person I'm currently enamoured with (I'm kind of an unabashed fan girl of all things sf/f and horror). Quotes, photos, recipes...The kitchen sink.

Variety is the spice of life, and I'm nothing if not random. You've got to weed through the goblin market to find what you're looking for, and you do so at your own peril. (Did I mention I'm a little overdramatic?)

Hopefully you'll find some magic here now and again. Hopefully I will too. There's no need to ask before friending, and more likely than not, I'll add you right back. Friends are good <3


Hello again! I read your teaser over on the urban fantasy comm and decided to come over here and check out your journal. From the information in your profile we have a few things in common! I also have a bachelor's degree in English Education (secondary), and I love looking at and researching slash and related topics. And from my response you can probably tell I also approach things with a queer point of view (much to the chagrin of half of my friends). We also seem to be the same age and you already have a Master's degree and you're working on a second? That's really amazing. I'm still debating which route I want to take for mine. ^__^

Glad you liked the teaser - hopefully I'll post more here at some point. I'm still not quite sure what I'm going to do with this journal, exactly, but I'm glad you friended me (friended you back, of course).

Are you planning on teaching secondary school, or what else have you been up to since you graduated? Working in a bookstore would be awesome - I tried to get in at the Barnes & Noble this summer, but alas, I'm stuck at the video store (which is still all right). I decided teaching sec ed wasn't for me and went on to grad school, obviously - I highly recommend it, if you're thinking about it, and if you like writing about slash and teh gay and such, cultural studies might be a good fit for you. And going to school continuously means avoiding loan payments and RL, heh ;)

Do you write?

Yeah, some of my friends are down me queering everything, some probably get a little sick of it! At my graduation this year, we had a departmental ceremony that was pretty informal and my one professor mentioned my work on slash, and I was thinking, oh god, I hope my parents don't ask me what that is!

I don't know much about Japanese culture or fandoms, but some of my fandom friends are really into yaio and such - are you? Considering its relationship/similarity to slash, I should probably check more of it out!

I see you're into video games too - what kind do you play? I'm really in a Sims 2 kick right now (I tend to make boys from my fandoms and make them get together, heh), but I also like turn-based RPG games (I miss my pink DS - I had to sell it for book money last year!).

Well, I'm sure I'll see you about on here - thanks again for friending :)
I am planning on teaching secondary school, eventually. Maybe in a year. Since I graduated I've just been working at the bookstore and hanging around at home. LOL. And reading a lot, of course. I would really love to go teach English in Japan, that is my ultimate dream, but I need to learn more of the language before I go. I'm comfortable enough with speaking the language if I'm there for a few weeks, but long term? Not quite yet. I absolutely loved the 10th graders I taught in student teaching, though. I tend to enjoy teens more because I like to watch them grow and have discussions about books. Granted, one can do that with younger kids, but I don't really care for teaching younger ages that much. ^^; Definitely going to Grad school though. There are a few different routes I'm thinking about taking. Of course I'd love to get more than one master's degree and really keep my options open, but so far I'm thinking about a focus in Library Science, Special Education, Reading, or Creative Writing. Cultural studies wasn't something I thought about, but it definitely sounds interesting. I'll have to look into it. As far as loans go, my payments start in December. D: Not looking forward to that AT ALL.

I do write! I have a writing journal but I haven't updated it in years. There are three main projects I am working on that I would love to actually finish so I can send them out. One is a futuristic fantasy with some political tones to it. I've been working on it for about 5 years now, but it has changed drastically. The hardest part with that one was trying to decided which point of view to write it in, but I think it's finally coming along. The second one I started a few years ago for a young adult literature course I had to take for my degree. In this course we had to read a lot of YA lit, and our professor (who really is a brilliant man) said one of the only ways to really understand it is to write it. So we had to begin a manuscript. I've kept up with this one because he was really intrigued and looked forward to new additions. The third one is along the same lines as the second, but also different. Rather than taking place during the school year, however, it takes place the summer before a boys first year of college. I could go on and on forever about them though, so I'll stop. XD

Parents knowing about slash and the like is definitely strange! Mine don't know the terms, but they know I read and enjoy it. They know to steer clear of the top shelf of my bookcase, and the manga above my computer desk is off limits. My father doesn't talk about it, but my mother is... well she questions my taste a lot and wonders why I don't read "normal" stuff, but it's hard to explain to her.

I am VERY into yaoi. Manga in general I love, but yaoi especially. I have a lot of volumes - good thing I get a good discount where I work. For me it's a lot about the story as well as the art, though. I'd prefer a story that's really sweet with less graphic art than one that has really graphic illustrations and no plot. That's one thing about yaoi and shounen-ai that you have to be careful with, though. There are so many genre's inside that it's easy to find something you really like, and something you don't. If you're looking to get into it, the two series I started with are Gravitation and FAKE. The first is about a singer in a band who falls for a writer who hates his lyrics. The series is 12 volumes long (plus a new series that's just starting... slowly...) and is really great. It's very much love/hate between the two, with a lot of angst and fun in between. The second has an art style that take some getting used to, but it's really great. It's about two cops in NYC, and one declares his love for his new partner, and the partner continually avoids his advances. It's funny but has series moments. Highly recommend both.

For video games, I prefer RPGS, like the Final Fantasy series and Kingdom Hearts. Really love those. FFVIII is my favorite for that series, and I'm currently playing through it again. Never played Sims though, but I'm sure if I did I would do the same thing you do. XD!

My apologies for the long response! I tend to write too much sometimes. ^_^
Hey there, I friended you. We've got a few interests in common, and I'm intrigued by your statement of taking a queer approach to most everything.